How Do I store My Hat? 

We recommend flipping the hat upside down to ensure brim stays its original shape.  This will help keep the hat’s beautiful form.


What do I do if my hat gets wet? 

Cappello hats are designed for protection from the sun, not the rain.  If you are caught in a shower and your hat gets wet, let it dry naturally without heat and gently remove any excess moisture as soon as possible. When you put your hat down, place it on its crown so as not to distort the brim. If the shape is still not correct, you can cover your brim with a light cotton fabric and apply an iron on very low heat. If the brim gets bent you can use a steamer as well.


How Do I travel with my Hat? 

On your head! We recommend wearing your hat to ensure it is picture perfect upon your arrival. If for some reason your hat gets distorted when traveling,  a steamer can help fix a bent brim.


How do I clean my Hat? 

You can wipe your hat down with a baby wipe or clean damp cloth.  You can also clean it with a soft-bristled brush.